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Does Sprayway Good Night kill all types of mites, for example, bird mites?

There are tens of thousands of species of mites.  Sprayway Good Night is formulated to kill dust mites, one of the most common types of household mites.  We can only recommend and guarantee Sprayway Good Night for killing dust mites.

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Is Sprayway Grill & Oven Cleaner safe for use on stainless steel?

No, it is not. Caustic chemicals in the product will damage stainless steel surfaces. Be sure to read the label and cautions to find out where the product can and cannot be used safely.

Is Sprayway 360° The All Around Multi-Surface Cleaner a disinfectant?

No, it cleans and deodorizes.

Will Sprayway 360° The All Around Multi-Surface Cleaner clean my granite countertops?

Yes, but test in an inconspicuous area first. We recommend using Sprayway Granite Cleaner, which is formulated specifically for sealed stone surfaces.

Is it safe to use Sprayway Good Night around pets?

Yes. Make sure all sprayed areas are completely dry before pets are allowed in the area. Be sure to read all the directions and cautions on the label before using the product.

How long does it take Sprayway Good Night to dry?

This varies depending on climate, weather conditions and how much product is sprayed. Generally, the sprayed surface will dry in about 30 minutes.

Can I use Sprayway Good Night in areas where my children play and sleep?

Sprayway Good Night is an insecticide. You should use the same precautions with Sprayway Good Night that you use with other insecticides. All sprayed areas must be completely dry before humans or pets re-enter the area.
Be sure to read the instructions and cautions on the label before using the product.

Can I spray Sprayway Good Night on my sheets?

No, Sprayway Good Night should not come in contact with your skin. Spray your mattress and box spring, let it dry and then remake your bed.

Will Sprayway Good Night kill bed bugs immediately?

No, Sprayway Good Night is not a contact killer; it is a residual spray that remains effective for a length of time.
Remember, it can take days to kill bed bugs once they come in contact with Sprayway Good Night.

What else does Sprayway Good Night work on?

We only recommend and guarantee those uses and items listed on the product label.

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